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A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

Title: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss
Characters: Quentin Kinley and Tyler Jordan Graham
Rating: PG
Word count: 590
Notes: They did not go to the same high school. Tyler Jordan lived in a MUCH nicer part of Detroit than Quentin did. But if they had gone to the same school, they would have run in similar social circles. And you know how much I like what-ifs.

The drama nerds partied harder than the band geeks, a fact which surprised Tyler Jordan and Maria, because they'd thought the band geeks could go overboard. But the stage manager had an older brother who wasn't too scrupulous to provide alcohol to minors, and the understudy for the female lead was one of those kids whose parents had more money than sense and more than enough house for a load of rambunctious teenagers to get up to no good unobserved. They stuck together, because they always stuck together, but Maria was far too well behaved (okay, far too Mormon) to get any kind of inebriated. Tyler Jordan wasn't as reserved, even if he was too shy to make conversation with anyone until he drank enough to turn garrulous (which was about 3/4ths of a beer). He was always open to new experiences, and this party was just full of them, teenagers making bad decisions simply everywhere.

He managed to coax Maria into sitting next to him for a game of spin the bottle that expanded to encompass them easily. Maria was wide-eyed watching the bottle twirl around, chewing on her lower lip in a way that made Tyler Jordan want to abandon the game and go find a quiet place to just kiss her, but he refused to leave before spinning it once, just on principle. Maria got very quiet when a redheaded girl from the chorus spun on Tyler Jordan and giggled as she kissed him, and then it was Tyler Jordan's turn, the beer bottle wobbling as it spun out of his fingers. He watched it stop, and lifted his eyes to see who it had landed on.

The boy who stared back at him from across the circle had very, very green eyes and a short haircut that didn't suit him very well. He looked almost like he wanted to run away, but the purple-haired girl next to him pinched his arm and said "This I gotta see." Tyler Jordan vaguely thought that he had some supporting role in the cast, couldn't put a voice to the face though. The boy licked his lips nervously but didn't move.

Tyler Jordan glanced at Maria, and she shrugged in an over-exaggerated way-- you made your bed, go ahead and lay in it. Well. He'd wanted to play, and now everyone was staring at him expectantly. Faking a boldness he didn't feel at all, Tyler Jordan crawled across the circle and put a hand on the boy's cheek, giving him a slight smile before he leaned in and pressed their lips together sweetly. He felt the boy gasp, felt him kiss back for a split second before he swayed back, looking like he'd been hit over the head.

"That was hot," the purple-haired girl crowed, and Tyler Jordan got to his feet feeling unbalanced in a way that had nothing to do with the physical. (Well, maybe a little to do with the physical.)

"I'm out," he said, and-- it had to be because he was drunk, because it wasn't like his usual shy self at all-- he winked at the boy before turning to take Maria's hand and lead her out of the room.

"I don't like seeing you kiss anyone but me," she said, looping her arm through his and leaning against him as they walked through the house out to the backyard.

"Don't worry, I don't like kissing anyone but you," he said, knowing it for a lie as the words left his lips.
Tags: au, quentin kinley, tyler jordan graham
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