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Things on the List, Chapter 2

Title: Things on the List, Chapter 2
Characters: Quentin Graham, Tyler Jordan Graham
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 5190
Notes: This took me like... four entire months to write. Quentin is completely unapologetic about making my life hard. (He's only SLIGHTLY apologetic about making Tyler Jordan's life hard.)

Trigger warning: depicts a graphic scene of consensual nonconsent (wow is this the first time I’ve used a trigger warning? I think it might be)

Timeline: mid-November 2015

It wasn’t his usual bar, but it felt more or less the same as his usual bar. Same sports on the TV, most of the same beers on tap. Different people, but he was still sitting alone.

“Are you waiting for someone?” He looked over to find a dark-haired, dark-eyed young man with a friendly smile next to him.


“Oh, good, then I can have you all to myself.” The man hopped up on the stool beside him and his smile widened. “Hi. I’m Jason. Haven’t seen you here before.”

“I haven’t been here before… I’m Drew.”

“Hi, Drew. You looked kinda lonely, are you actually lonely or am I just way off base?”

“I’m alone,” Drew said, and Jason shook his head.

“You aren’t alone, I’m sitting right next to you. Wasn’t the question.”

“If I’m not alone any more then I guess I’m not lonely any more either.”

“Excellent, you’re going with me on this! I love a good sport.” Drew smiled back at him, and Jason looked delighted. “How’s it going? Glad it’s Friday?”

“It doesn’t really matter to me, I work weekends.”

“Oh yeah? What do you do?”

“I’m a salesman.” Drew shrugged. “I do have tomorrow morning off, at least. So I guess I am glad it’s Friday.”

“Right on.” They made small talk while they finished their drinks, about the football game on TV and the weather in Detroit and their plans for the weekend. As Drew set down his empty glass, Jason said, “So my roommate’s out of town and I hate playing alone… wanna come back to my place, have a few more beers, and storm an alien stronghold or something?”

“Sure, that sounds great,” Drew said. “What, are you one of those collaborative-over-competitive players?”

“You could say that,” Jason agreed. “I like it when everyone wins, but I know that’s not the only way to play.”

They left the bar together and Jason drove them out to a little two-story house with a garage in the suburbs. They went in through the garage, where a drum kit was set up, and into the house, which had a strong lingering odor of weed smoke. There was an Xbox One set up in a room with a futon and a few end tables, and Drew looked around curiously as Jason went to grab them a couple of beers.

"Smoke much?" Drew teased, waving at the bongs lined up on one table.

"Those belong to my roommate," Jason said. "Halo or Call of Duty?"

"Let's go with Halo." They settled down on the futon and got into the game. They’d been playing and talking trash and making each other laugh for twenty minutes when Jason closed the distance between them and settled his hand just above Drew’s knee, fingertips caressing the inside of his leg.

“What-- what are you doing?” Drew asked, startled. Jason blinked at him innocently as his hand slid higher up Drew’s thigh.

“I’m being friendly,” he said.

“I think you have the wrong idea… I’m, I’m not gay…” Drew wrapped his hand around Jason’s wrist just in time to hold those questing fingers from their goal.

“No? You’re at least curious. I can tell these things.”

“I think I should go,” Drew said, dropping the controller, but when he made to stand Jason pulled him back onto the couch with an arm around his waist.

“I think you should stay,” he said. “C’mon, give me a chance. I promise you’ll have fun.” He nuzzled against Drew’s neck. “Please?” Drew hesitated, which was all the time Jason needed to lift a hand to his cheek and turn him to be kissed, sweetly and persuasively, pressing until Drew yielded with a gasp. “There you go. Nothing to be scared of, cutie.” The second kiss was less sweet, and Jason pressed Drew into the corner of the couch and held him there. Drew flattened his hands against Jason’s chest, not pushing him away but not letting him any closer either. That only worked for a moment before Jason moved to straddle Drew’s lap.

“I’m not okay with this,” Drew said weakly, and Jason pouted at him.

“I thought you liked me,” he said. “I like you. I just wanna show you how much I like you.” He swept his fingers through Drew’s hair gently. “Let me make you come, it’s not gay if you don’t do anything back. I bet you anything it’ll be the best blowjob you’ve ever had.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works.” Drew leaned slightly into the touch, clearly despite himself, and Jason did it again, twining the long strands around his fingers.

“I think you wanna let me,” he said. “I won’t tell anyone, you’re the only person who has to know about it. C’mon, Drew, say yes.”

“I-- I’m not--” Jason rolled his eyes and shoved his hand down the front of Drew’s pants, then grinned at the shocked sound Drew made when his fingers wrapped around his half-hard cock.

“You’re definitely curious,” Jason cooed. “You wanna know what it’s like. I wanna show you, let me show you.”

“Oh…” Drew’s head fell back against the couch. His eyes were wide as he stared up at Jason, and then the hands that had been splayed across Jason’s chest curled into his t-shirt instead. “Okay… ah, god, okay.” Jason lit up like a Christmas tree and leaned down to kiss Drew harder, his fingers tightening in Drew’s hair briefly.

“Good. Very good. You just sit back and let me do all the work…” He looked like a cat that was whisker-deep in cream when he pulled away. “God you’re cute.” Smoothly, he slid off Drew’s lap and pushed his knees apart to settle between his legs, one hand dragging down his chest to catch at the fly of his jeans, clearly a practiced move. Drew took a shuddery breath and Jason rubbed him through the denim. “When’s the last time you had your dick sucked, sweetheart?”

“Uh… it’s been a while…”

“Mm, okay. So it’ll be a treat.” His dark eyes were full of mischief when he glanced up, and when Drew grazed his cheek with a shaky hand Jason bit his fingertips and then pinned his wrist to the couch. “Ah-ah-ah. Touching is participation. How bad do you want the plausible deniability?”


“How straight do you think you are?” Drew licked his lips nervously, but when Jason let go of his hand he kept it on the couch. “Uh-huh. I don’t mind if you touch me, you know. But that’s reciprocation.”

“Fine, I won’t…” Drew dug his fingers into the couch cushion and Jason smirked up at him, patting the back of one hand.

“Okay. Just letting you know.” He kept his eyes on Drew’s as he drew down the zipper and pulled the jeans down Drew’s hips, still with that hint of the feline, only now more like a cat watching a mousehole, intent and hungry. One fingertip traced against Drew through his boxers, and then Jason peeled them down and leaned in to taste him. The sound Drew made was more squeak than gasp, and Jason laughed with his lips wrapped around Drew’s cock, making him whimper. “So cute,” he pulled back to purr, and he winked at Drew before bending his head to the task at hand.

“Oh Jesus…” Drew’s grip on the couch went white-knuckled as Jason swallowed him down, but he came back off almost immediately.

“Jason. Not Jesus. Get it right.” Jason bit Drew’s hip and Drew jolted, held down by Jason’s hands on his thighs. “Simple, right? Pretty simple.” He sounded playful, but that bite had hurt.

“Yeah… sorry, okay, yeah. Jason. I know who you are.” They stared at each other for a second and Drew nodded slightly. “Keep going?”

“Of course.” Jason wrapped a hand around Drew’s cock and teased him with little licks at first, rewarding every quiet sound with more of his mouth until Drew gasped his name and Jason took him all the way in, hands stroking Drew’s hips and belly restlessly, teasing shivers of indecision from him. It was a very enthusiastic blowjob, and Drew’s tight grip on the couch relaxed as the pleasure built, watching Jason’s head bobbing between his legs.

“Fuck, Jason, that’s good,” he breathed, and those dark eyes glanced up at him the instant before Drew felt a finger press at his hole and all the tension snapped back into him. “No, wait, don’t--”

“Shhh, trust me,” Jason said, “it’ll feel so good, just let me do this.” He didn’t wait for Drew to agree, just pushed in. Drew squirmed, trying to get away, but Jason held him down easily. “Just relax, I promise it’ll be good.”

“I don’t want-- oh fuck!” Jason curled his finger and sucked Drew back into his mouth and Drew shivered helplessly, one hand clutching Jason’s shoulder. “Stop,” Drew said, “please stop!” Jason didn’t stop, didn’t even hesitate, just planted a hand in the center of Drew’s chest and pinned him to the back of the couch as he kept on doing exactly what he wanted to do with the other man’s body. “Jason, don’t…”

“Calm down.” It wasn’t that much of a change from mischief to malice when Jason looked up at Drew, but Drew shuddered at the expression on his face. “Come on, cutie, I don’t wanna hurt you.” But I will was the unspoken end of the sentence. “You’ll like this more if you cooperate.”

“Please let me go,” Drew said, trembling like a rabbit in headlights. “I won’t tell anyone, just--”

“You won’t tell anyone anyways,” Jason said almost lazily, but he’d gone pale. “And you’re not going anywhere until I’m done with you. And I am nowhere near done with you, sweetheart.”

“What--” Drew cried out as Jason pushed a second finger into him. “Oh god, what are you gonna do to me?”

“I think I’m gonna bend you over this couch and make you scream.” Jason moved to cover Drew’s body with his own, pulling his hair and biting at his neck like a cat playing with its prey. “I’m telling you, if you cooperate it might be fun. But if you fight me it won’t be fun at all.”

“I won’t-- I won’t fight, please just don’t hurt me.”

“Good. You’re going to be good for me, won’t you? I know you can be.” Drew nodded frantically, and Jason kissed his cheek. He slowly dragged his fingers out of Drew, watching Drew’s face change as Jason wrapped a hand around him instead, the fear warring with pleasure. Drew was hard and leaking in Jason’s hand, obviously turned on despite the situation, and when Jason pressed his hips to Drew’s ass it was equally obvious that he wasn’t turned on by it at all. “Now, I’m gonna-- I’m-- Oh, god…” The scene popped like a soap bubble and Tyler Jordan buried his head in the crook of Quentin’s neck, shaking so hard that it was all Quentin could do to hold onto him. “I can’t-- sriracha, stop, fuck, I can't do this--”

“Shhh…” Quentin rubbed a hand through his hair, immediately curling around Tyler Jordan and holding him tight. “Shh, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m okay.”

“I can’t keep going,” Tyler Jordan choked, “I can’t.”

“You did so good, Tyler Jordan. That was exactly what I wanted. You did it perfectly.”

“That’s fucked, Q. How do you even want to touch me right now?”

“Listen… listen to me, angel. You were perfect. Look at me…” Quentin made Tyler Jordan meet his eyes. Quentin’s were clear, but Tyler Jordan’s were full of tears. “I trust you. I knew you wouldn’t hurt me more than I enjoyed, and you know how much I enjoy it. I’m sorry I’m so good at acting scared but I wanted every second of everything we just did, every single second of it.”

"I could hardly do it. Saying all that stuff was vile. I've never made you do anything you didn't want to, did I?"

"No. Never. Every time you're near me I want you there. You’ve always listened right away if I said stop. You're so good to me, Tyler Jordan, you're the absolute best." Quentin nuzzled him softly, fingers still playing through his hair. "I love you so much. I'm sorry, I'll never ask you to do anything like that again. Thank you for doing it once."

“Was it what you wanted? What you thought it would be like?”

“I think it did what I hoped it would do. Now you’re the last person who didn’t listen when I said stop so it hurts a little less.”

"The last… is that... something that happened to you?" Tyler Jordan's voice was still shaky. Quentin went very still for a second and then wrapped himself a little tighter around his husband.

"You met one of my exes. Alison."

"The one who put her hands on you."

"Yeah, her." Quentin nodded. "She... wasn't all that concerned with what I wanted, sometimes. Just with what she wanted." He shrugged. "I mean, who would have cared if I tried to complain about it? I thought that if I got hard it meant I wanted it at least a little, so she was right. After I realized she never listened when I told her to stop I just let her take what she wanted from me."

"I would have broken her fucking arm if I knew that when I caught her touching you," Tyler Jordan said fiercely. "Christ, Q, you just didn't tell anyone?"

"It didn't matter." Tyler Jordan made a confused sound, and Quentin sighed quietly. “It didn’t. Who was I going to tell? My friends all thought it was cool that I was getting laid. Mom was too busy for me. My brothers were both out of the house by then. Who would have cared that my girlfriend was using me for sex? I was just some troublemaking kid, no one gave a fuck if I wasn’t happy. I just… smoked until I didn’t care what she did with me, when I didn’t want it.”

“Quentin…” Tyler Jordan lifted his head from Quentin’s shoulder, looking stricken. “Was she your first?”

“She was-- yeah, I guess she was. I was kind of on and off with her basically all through high school. She’d…” He breathed a humorless laugh. “She’d cut me loose and then reel me in again a couple weeks later. She told me it was all I deserved. I thought that was just what teenagers did, all our friends broke up and got back together at the drop of a hat. Drama kids, you know?”

“No, I don’t know.”

“Right. You and Maria. You’re so unusual, do you even realize? How faithful you are, it’s weird…” Quentin shook his head. “You’re such a good person. I didn’t know any actually good people back then. We were all some kind of fucked or another.”

“She hurt you.” Quentin nodded once. “That’s why you like it when I hurt you?”

Everyone hurt me,” Quentin said, matter-of-factly. “Almost everyone. Anyone I was with for any length of time, anyone who got to know me. Everyone I dated. All the girls knew I wouldn’t hit them back if they hurt me. I got into fights with boys all the time but I never hit a girl.”

“I had no idea…” Tyler Jordan looked horrified, and Quentin caught him closer.

“Stop. This isn’t on you, okay? It doesn’t matter what made me like being hurt, I just like it now. And I was always the one who provoked you into fighting with me. You know I tried so fucking hard to make you mad at me. You’re not like them.” Quentin kissed him, pressed their foreheads together and sighed against Tyler Jordan’s mouth. “You’ve never been like any of them. You figured me out, okay? You’re the only person who ever even tried to find out what I really needed and then you gave it to me gladly. You’re my fucking miracle.”

“Quentin…. Christ, Quentin, if I’d known….”

“Stop, stop. Don’t you dare cast a shadow over any of what we have together. We made it here, okay? We got this far and I trust you with my life and I’m yours until we die. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. If either of us are at fault here it’s me to blame.”

“I’m not blaming you for anything,” Tyler Jordan said instantly.

“You probably should,” Quentin said. “If we’re talking about doing sketchy things. I don’t even know how many times I poured you into bed and put myself all over you when you were wasted.”

“No. If I don’t get to cast doubt then neither do you. You were just as fucked up as me most of those nights. I wanted you just as bad as you wanted me. Fuck, I know I begged you for it sometimes when I was too plastered to really consent. If we did anything wrong then we’re both at fault. But if you don’t say it was wrong and I don’t say it was wrong then it wasn’t wrong.” Tyler Jordan pulled back a little, framing Quentin’s face between both hands and staring into his eyes. “It wasn’t wrong. Okay?”

“Okay,” Quentin agreed, and then he let out a deep sigh of relief. “Yeah. We didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I mean, we did a lot of shit wrong, just generally speaking, but you and me? Us? We’re golden. I’ve loved you since practically the night we met.”

“That’s because you’re insane,” Quentin said, and Tyler Jordan grinned, still a little pale but so much steadier than he’d been.

“Fuck sanity. If loving you is crazy then I never want to be sane. You complete me, so you’re as crazy as I am.”

“I never said I wasn’t crazy.” Quentin stroked Tyler Jordan’s hair, smiling at him. “Come on. Let me take you home and demonstrate exactly how much I really do want you to touch me.”

“Yes. Please. Let’s do that.”

Quentin was usually a little (or a lot) demanding in bed; tonight he was absolutely solicitous, as sweet as he could be, putting all his focus into pleasing Tyler Jordan, soothing his jangled nerves with skin contact and kisses and quiet endearments. Totally gentle lovemaking wasn’t their usual style, but it was what he needed to smooth over the jagged edges of their broken scene. Even that only did so much to wipe it away-- not enough, it turned out.

They fell asleep cuddled up, Tyler Jordan’s head on Quentin’s chest, but Tyler Jordan just couldn't stay asleep. Every time he drifted off, his brain presented him with another terrifying scenario involving Quentin, and after the third time he woke up shivering, he just gave up on sleep entirely, stretching out on his stomach with his head pillowed on his arms, head turned to study his husband's features in the dim light as the sun started to come up. He could tell right before Quentin woke up, the way he nestled back a little harder into the pillow like he could make himself catch a few more minutes of sleep, and Tyler Jordan reached up to touch his cheek gently, watching Quentin's eyes blink open. "Morning," Quentin murmured, smiling sleepily. Tyler Jordan smiled back at him. "How long have you been watching me sleep?"

"...a pretty long time," Tyler Jordan admitted, and Quentin breathed a laugh. "Shut up."

"Wasn't teasing." Quentin caught Tyler Jordan's hand and turned it to kiss his palm. "Was it hard to sleep?"


"You look tired."

"I had bad dreams," Tyler Jordan said softly, and Quentin winced. "I'll be okay. I've been thinking and I had an idea about helping it."

"I like your ideas."

"This is a good one." Tyler Jordan threaded his fingers through Quentin's hair lovingly. "I want you to tell me yes."


"Last night you said no, no, no. The next time I touch you, I want you to say yes to everything I ask to do with you."

"Yeah? I want you to touch me," Quentin said. "I'm fully in favor of this plan. You're touching me right now and I'd like you to continue doing it." He tilted his head into Tyler Jordan's touch. "Please?"

"Of course." Tyler Jordan combed his fingers through Quentin's sleep-tousled locks, careful not to pull. "You know how precious you are to me, right?"

"You can always tell me again," Quentin said dreamily. "I never get sick of hearing it." Tyler Jordan looked so unusually solemn. Quentin reached back for him, caressing his arm.

"I'm devoted to you," Tyler Jordan said softly. "You're the beginning and end of every day. I can't get over how much I love you and I don't ever want to get over it." He leaned closer and paused a breath away from Quentin's lips. "Do you want me to kiss you?"

"Yes please." Quentin made a soft happy sound when Tyler Jordan did, a butterfly-wing light brush of lips. When Quentin tried to deepen the kiss, Tyler Jordan pulled back, and Quentin pouted at him. "Kiss me again." This time Tyler Jordan feathered a kiss against Quentin's cheek, then the other one. "Tyler Jordan..." That got him another gentle kiss on the mouth, and another move away before Quentin could really kiss back. "You're teasing me," Quentin said, and Tyler Jordan kissed the tip of his nose.

"Yes, I am," he agreed. "Can I kiss your neck?" Quentin tipped his head back to give him access, but Tyler Jordan waited for the verbal agreement before he trailed a line of kisses from the hinge of Quentin’s jaw down to his collarbone, lips parted but not even a hint of teeth against warm skin that Quentin loved him to bite. The bruise that almost always darkened Quentin’s skin where his neck met his shoulder was faded, but Tyler Jordan didn’t renew it, just pressed his mouth against it and sighed warmly. Quentin sighed back at him.

“Are you planning on treating me like porcelain this whole time?”

“You treated me gently last night. Let me treat you gently right now.”

“I treated you gently because you needed to be treated that way,” Quentin said, running his fingers through Tyler Jordan’s hair. “I don’t need to be handled like that.”

“You might not need me to do it, but I still need to do it,” Tyler Jordan said, and Quentin nodded. “You know I always go gentle the day after you ask me to be rougher with you anyways. I might not have left any bruises on you last night, but I have to do this for my own sake.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not complaining.”

“No, you’re just being bossy like you always do.” Tyler Jordan kissed him again, more firmly this time, then trailed more gentle kisses down the other side of his neck. “It’s just how you are, I know that. And most of the time I give in to you. But I’m standing my ground on this. If you don’t want me to, just say no. I’ll only do anything if you say yes.”

“Then keep asking me so I can keep saying yes to you,” Quentin said softly.

“Can I touch your chest, then?”

“Of course,” Quentin said, moving Tyler Jordan’s hand over his heart and holding it there for a moment. “Any way you like.” Tyler Jordan stroked him like a cat, fingertips ruffling the hair on his chest, then sought out one nipple to tease with a fingertip until it peaked under the attention. Quentin’s breathing hitched slightly when Tyler Jordan pinched it very lightly. “Please do that harder? Not hard, just harder than that…”

“Sure.” Tyler Jordan watched Quentin’s face as he increased the pressure, stopping when his lashes fluttered. “Will this work for you? If I only touch you softly?”

“Probably,” Quentin said. “Maybe. We’ll find out, I guess. I don’t think you’ve ever not gotten me off when you were trying to do it…”

“Except for last night.” Quentin shook his head, reaching up to card his hand through Tyler Jordan’s hair.

“So you used the safe word. It was bound to happen eventually. I’m kinda surprised neither of us has used it before.”

“I can’t imagine the circumstances that would lead to you using it,” Tyler Jordan said. “You’re so game for everything I suggest. And you’re a stubborn bastard about your own limits.”

“It’ll happen,” Quentin said. “Sooner or later. I won’t know I’ll need it until I need it. But I know you’ll take care of me if I do need it.”

“Of course I will.” Tyler Jordan bent his head to kiss the center of Quentin’s chest, then rubbed his cheek against Quentin’s hairy pecs, humming softly at the familiar texture against his skin. “Just like you took care of me when I needed it.”

“That’s what we promised we would do,” Quentin said softly. “Take care of each other. Like we have been for a while, only now we have fancy rings and matching last names.” He shivered when Tyler Jordan dragged his nails down his ribs, and Tyler Jordan paused. “No, don’t stop. You know I love it, do I really have to ask for it?”

“You want me to tickle you?”

“Yes. And I want you to touch me, and kiss me, and love me.”

“I always love you.”

“Then you should always do the other parts too.” Tyler Jordan lifted his head, and Quentin smiled at him. “Please?”

“I love it when you say please.” He tickled Quentin’s sides again, light touches of his nails that made Quentin writhe and giggle, then ducked down to press kisses against Quentin’s hips. “Can I touch your legs?”

“If you want, but you could also stay right about there…” Quentin ran his fingers through Tyler Jordan’s hair, turning his head slightly to direct his attention toward Quentin’s half-hard cock. “I’m not gonna complain if you don’t touch my legs. Seriously.” It wasn’t hard to compromise; Tyler Jordan traced his tongue along Quentin’s rising erection while he ran his hands down Quentin’s thighs, and Quentin sighed happily when Tyler Jordan wrapped his lips around him. “Mm, yes. This is my third favorite thing you do with your mouth.” That got Tyler Jordan to pull away, laughing.

“Only the third? What are the first two?”

“Telling me you love me…”


“...and rimming me,” Quentin said, flushing slightly, and Tyler Jordan laughed again, brows arching.

“More than getting your dick sucked?”

“They’re very close. But when you rim me that almost always means you’re going to fuck me, and you know how much I love that.”

“That’s true.” Tyler Jordan caught his hands under Quentin’s thighs and made him bend his legs, and Quentin went with it eagerly. “Is that what you’d like?”

“I think that would be an ideal way for you to treat me gently that won’t leave me wanting rougher handling,” Quentin said. “And I’m never going to turn it down if you’re offering.”

“I love the way you laugh when I do it,” Tyler Jordan said. “All the sounds you make. I didn’t realize it was so high on your list of favorite things though.”

“I don’t keep lists the way you do.”

“Oh, it would be so interesting if you did though. I would love to see what goes on your lists. Please, by all means, make a list or two.”

“You just saw what happened when I tried to add something to your list,” Quentin pointed out, and Tyler Jordan paused, head tilting to one side.

“You’ve got to have a few tamer desires than that,” he said, not sounding positive about it. Quentin snorted, wrapping his legs around Tyler Jordan and pulling him closer.

“My list would probably be about half new and interesting ways for you to hurt me and half things you’ve already said no to that I haven’t given up on yet.”

“You can’t make anything easy, can you?”

“You knew that when you married me,” Quentin said. “I hope you’re not surprised by it now.” He leaned up for a conciliatory kiss. “For what it’s worth, I’m way more interested in crossing off the rest of the things on your list than in coming up with my own list.”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t want to hurt you. And if it hurts you to indulge me… which it did, this time, and it might, given some of my other ideas… then I’m okay with not being indulged that often.” He shrugged. “I’m not unsatisfied by letting you lead. I love most of what we’ve done together up until now. And I have nothing but total trust in you to keep things interesting even if we don’t touch on my weirder desires.”

“I don’t want to kinkshame you.”

“You’re not. There’s a difference between you not being into something and you shaming me for it. You don’t make me feel bad about the things I think about wanting to do. We both have things we want to do that the other one isn’t into. I haven’t been shaming you about anything, have I?”

“No, definitely not. You’re wonderful.”

“I’m just trying to live up to the standard you’re setting, you know. I still fuck up a lot.”

“You don’t fuck up that much.”

“Not as much as I used to,” Quentin agreed, and Tyler Jordan gave him a kiss to stop the next thing that would come out of his mouth that was undoubtedly going to be self-deprecatory.

“We’re just gonna keep getting better, okay? The longer we’re together the better we’ll know each other the better we can be to each other. I know things about you now I didn’t know a day ago, and I’ll know things about you in a month that I don’t know today, and every thing I learn about you gives me ideas of how to make you happier. And I know how hard you’ve been working on making me happier. So let’s just agree to keep doing that forever. Sounds good?”

“You’re such an optimist.”

“Yup. That’s what I do.”

“I want you to be right.”

“The cool thing is that you can decide to make me be right. We just have to agree to it and keep working toward it. You wanna?” Tyler Jordan gave Quentin a hopeful smile that turned into a grin when Quentin immediately nodded. “Cool. I’m gonna hold you to that.”

“We’ll hold each other to it,” Quentin said. “And I’ll hold you to me. Right now, in fact.” He tightened his grip on Tyler Jordan, who laughed and ducked his head to kiss at Quentin’s neck. “Are you still dead set on being gentle to me?”

“I believe you made a request I have to fulfill,” Tyler Jordan said. “If you still want.”

“Yeah, I still want.”

“Then let me do that.”
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