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no more dreaming like a girl so in love

with the wrong world

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original fic by speccygeekgrrl. also my running 101/1001 list and associated sub-lists.

alternate universes, apocalypse, backstory, bromances, cooking, evil businessmen, family dynamics, fluff, fuck you i'm writing, getting shot, happy couples, happy endings, happy middles, i love my ocs, kink fixes everything, knitting, love fixes things, loving lovers love, not easy being green, not-so-happy beginnings, original characters, random story ideas, rants about bad writing, relationships, ridiculously complex overpopulated universes, spies, stuff my boys do, teal deer, that fucking cat, the russian mafia, too long didn't read, too long don't read, too many words, too much gay, too much porn, tooth-rotting fluff, twu luv